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A current buzz word is “repurpose”. So, let’s talk about what that means. We’ve heard the phrase, “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure”, but in the fast-paced lives we lead, we tend to assume we should quickly dispose of unused items. Repurposing an item, on the other hand, is to find a way to fall in love with it all over again. You wouldn’t have acquired it in the first place if you didn’t love it.

I find the best way to reuse something is to remove it long enough to see it from a different point of view when I reintroduce it into my home. Keep a closet or room available for those few items that you just cannot part with. You may discover a new life for them. Dare to think outside the box of your previous decorating decisions. Don’t be afraid to mix colors, fabrics or textures. Always remember the most comfortable room is one that doesn’t follow a particular theme. Put life into your home with window treatments and pillows with a twist. I would love to assist you in creating an environment you don’t just “live in, but love to live in”.

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