Create an Environment of Comfort


Think back on your childhood. What items evoke the fondest memories? For me it is Hydrangeas. As a child, I recall playing hide-and-seek at my grandparents’ home, hiding behind my grandmother’s Hydrangeas. I am sure they were only five or six feet tall, but at that time they appeared to be as a big as a tree, and were oh so stunning.

The season is perfect for drying the Hydrangeas in the yard. Simply pick the ones that have slightly changed in color. The blue ones take on more green and the pink ones blend between purple, pink and white, with just a little green. Bring them into the house and place them in a vase with water. Within a couple of weeks you will have dried Hydrangeas that you can use throughout the year.

When creating a living environment, think of things from both our past and present lives that inspire relaxation and comfort; then consider how to make that environment evoke those feelings in the hearts of the people we live with.

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