Setting the Personality of the Room

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Arrange rooms to set your mood and lifestyle

Your rooms complement your mood and lifestyle … wall to wall! That’s right, rooms are largely defined by their four walls and the items we put on them. And this blog will offer a new prospective on walls, beginning with a reminder that while they are only a backdrop, they are important in that their colors convey your style and personality. So start with selecting colors you gravitate toward, remembering not to give in to “trends” unless they truly reflect your style.

A key to the feel and function of any room is its furnishings, and how they are placed. What is the room’s purpose, and who uses it? Is there a particular focal point to be considered? Challenge the custom of lining walls with furniture, and never position items where they will will block or impede access to windows and doors. To create a more nontraditional, unexpected look, consider arranging the seating in the center of the room, and put accent pieces behind. Don’t be constricted by a room’s small dimensions. There are always ways to change the flow and layout to create an environment that is aesthetically pleasing while achieving the room’s functional purpose.

Still, remember that every room has limitations. Don’t fear those limitations, but think of them as opportunities to “make the space work” on its own terms. Lastly, fill the room with the just-right decor to complete it. Your personality can really jump out in this step.

Our home is a great open book that tells the story of the special individuals we are. So embrace the unique opportunity it offers for self-expression!

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