10 Best Organizing Tips for the Holidays

This time of year gives me a little extra boost of energy. Summer provided great rest and refreshment, along with many new inspirations and ideas. Now the goal is to focus on the interior of the home. So, let’s get organized for winter!

  1. Write out your priority list. Otherwise, you may find yourself simply spinning your wheels.
  2. Start with sorting and cleaning the interior of your home. You then can look at your interior with a clear view.
  3. Determine if any room needs new paint, pillows, curtains or furnishings before your Holiday entertaining. This should be started now to optimize completion for the season. Wright Interiors can assist with all of these choices, giving you the freedom to relax and enjoy the season.
  4. Plan your Holiday menu now. Shop for some of the items as they go on sale. This will provide an ease of comfort when preparation time comes.
  5. Set up an area in a spare room, utility or closet, that can be for any Holiday items purchased, and use as needed.
  6. Determine a realistic goal to have presents purchased by. Have all your tape, boxes, ribbons and paper purchased at this time.
  7. Place all gifts in an area away with your wrapping supplies. This can be a fun event early December.
  8. Now the fun really begins! Holiday baking and entertaining – What a treat to share these great traditions with our family and our friends stress free.
  9. As you sort through your treat recipes, determine which ones can be prepared early, frozen and baked later. Candies are always best made at the very last.
  10. Most of all, remember not to stress. These are great memories that we can treasure and hold in our hearts. You are an amazing person that has many abilities within!

Enjoy yourself and your gift of life.

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