November – Spice it up!

Often this time of year, we find ourselves wishing for a warm, sunny day. Let’s think of all the ways we can create that warmth inside our homes. Have you heard the buzz word “pop”, for adding color? In fact, it’s right on on the mark. A pop of color expresses warmth, and your individuality. Remember your home is an extension of your character. Pick colors that reflect who you are, not the current trend, and the end result will be more gratifying.

Look through your home and find favorite blankets and pillows to pull back out to create warmth. Pick greenery from your yard to bring freshness indoors. Mix whole cloves, cinnamon, full strength vanilla and baby oil in small containers and hide them under your bathroom and kitchen sinks for freshness and spice. Are there furnishings in need of a new coat of paint? Select a color completely different from the rest of the room, while still complementing the color scheme of the room’s décor.

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