Organizing Your Entry

The entrance to our home says much about our lifestyle, personal style and taste, and creates that “first impression” that we get just one chance to make! So let’s discuss some ways to make sure visitors receive the impression we want them to have.

  1. Provide a coat rack, bench or closet near the front door. Most family members won’t hang up their coats; but an attractive coat rack, set off to the side in your entryway, will provide a tasteful incentive.
  2. If you are fortunate enough to have an area for shelves, equip them with baskets, boxes or small cabinets to hold hats, gloves, scarves and bags.
  3. Keep shopping bags on the top shelf of your closet, where they can be grabbed quickly on your way out to the market.
  4. If you are always looking for your keys, select a central location with name tags on spare keys for the car, house, mail box, etc., and install key hooks on your coat-closet wall.
  5. Provide a table or shelf for items that you or others in your household will need to take along on upcoming outings.
  6. To save time throughout the year, keep a box for recycled mail inside your front closet, and drop recyclable items into it right after opening the mail.

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