Enjoying the winter blahs

Enjoying the winter blahs.

Such an active time of year.
Each of us have traditions, new and old that we enjoyed in this season. Favorite savories, sweets, games and gatherings. Hopefully yours was a warm memory.

Christmas comes upon us so quickly and just as quickly is over. Sometimes leaving us with the feeling of exhaustion and wanting to inspire home and surroundings. Let’s look at a few ways to warm and inspire this season.

1. Place a few bright spots in your room by adding a new lamp.

2. Change out your lightbulbs for brighter lights or warmer tone bulbs.

3. Pick up a couple new lively plants to bring the outdoors inside.

4. Refresh your closet with fresh scents or potpourri.

5. Pick a room to refresh the paint color.

6. Buy some decor in your favorite color and surround yourself with inspiring photos.

7. Select a perfect chair, and place in a warm favorite corner for reading, resting or
enjoying your favorite hobby.

8. Enjoy this season with its cold changing days. Embrace it as permission to slow down a
little and take in all that life offers.

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