Creating a memory wall

Tips for the perfect memory wall/collage wall.

Memory walls are a great way to daily appreciate special moments we have enjoyed through the years and warm our hearts. Let’s talk about ideas to implement the best memory wall.

Backdrop – The wall behind will accent your pictures. Select a color for your backdrop wall that will accentuate the colors within your photos.

2. Use frames that are set for the era you are desiring.

3. All frames do not need to be same or even close in size. Balance your wall with a variety of
size frames. If several small frames are grouped in one corner, then select one large frame
of equivalent size for the opposite corner.

4. Place mirrors, clocks or shelves within your collage wall to add visual interest.

5. Select quotes to express the joy of the memories expressed.

6. If your wall is a neutral backdrop, use black frames with matting in various colors. Select
photos of equal size and frames of equal size for a crisp look.

7. Use the “4 finger width” rule. Fold your thumb under and separate the pictures with the
guide of you hand distance to balance your photos and prevent overcrowding. This rule is
best applied to larger frames.

8. Create a wall with photos of all your favorite places you have been. Perhaps a bench
that you always sit at along a walk or park. Place photos in a group at a peaceful place to
sit within your home. Add that perfect light and chair.

9. Use shelves within your collage to place stacked small frames with photos. A bookcase or
shelves within the collage adds another dimension.

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