Organize tips for building/remodeling

Summer 2017 blog
New Home Design – Remodel Design
With the construction industry on the upswing, I am often asked ….. where do we start! This question is usually spoken with anxiousness and the feeling of overwhelming disorganization.

This blog is dedicated to addressing the importance of organization and timelines; both equally important in new build or remodel.

If your plan is to take on this daunting task yourself, then this blog will provide a springboard. Or… if you are looking for assistance, be sure your General Contractor covers these key task and timeline issues for you. When contacting referrals, ask how efficient the process was. Keeping your life flowing and back on task, is so important to making this a pleasurable experience.

1. Start with a realistic completion date. If you have hired assistance, thoroughly discuss your project and
determine a completion date before you begin.

2. Determine what you are wanting to accomplish. Draw out your plan and ideas. All the design, scheduling and
planning should be completed before you begin any demolition.

3. Determine what plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, tiles and flooring you are wanting within you project. These
items may require a longer lead time and should be ordered right away.

4. Next, design and order your cabinetry. This can be a lengthy process and is important to complete at the same
time you are ordering all fixtures.

5. Once you have all the key items that will “drop in” selected, you are then ready to follow through on the
unending details of your project.

6. This is a good time to begin tile drawings, furniture placement drawings, wall art or other key elements in your

7. Determine your mirror sizes and final placement of lighting within this time frame.

8. Set organizational charts to keep on task continually through this process.

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