Layering and decor for your walls

How often have you stared at a wall wondering what could possibly be done!

Problems like……….

a tall wall
a long wall
a dark wall
walls to close

In some of my recent projects, I have faced these very challenges. Here are a few tips to guide you toward some solutions.

Break a tall wall down with portioning the upper 1/2 or 3/4 of the wall with shiplap or tongue and groove. Always place horizontal to not accentuate the height. Try staining or painting it in a deep color. This will lessen the grandeur of the height. Use wall colors that will soften the wall and not accentuate, consider warm deeper tones. Place large furniture away from the wall: this will bring the eye to the large furniture and not the wall.

Decrease a long wall with dividing into portions of the room relationally to function of the area. Accent one portion with a group of four photos, two stacked on two. Try using perfect squares for your photos. In the other portion, accent the wall with a large mirror or piece of art, grouped with a slender clock or stacked small photos. If possible, set a piece of furniture at an angle midway to visually break up the area. The eye will naturally stop at a piece of furniture.

Set mirrors, shelves with greenery, and bright furniture on darker walls. Use photos with light frames, reflective glass and bright lively boarders. Set lights in areas within the room that they will reflect off the mirrors.

In areas where walls are close to one another, create the allusion of more space with light, bright, cooler colors. Be careful to not over decorate walls that are close: this will only accentuate the issue.

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