Selecting the perfect white!

Most people think of white as white. What is often overlooked are the many variations of white. It’s important that, when selecting white tones, you consider the family of corresponding colors.

Every white has an underlying tone that comes from a primary color. Once you identify this in the white, picking the best one will become a much less daunting task. If you select a white with a yellow tone then picking a corresponding color with a red tone will cause your white to appear dirty.

Blue tone walls should be paired with pink toned whites. This will bring out the blue in the wall tone.

Green tone walls are best with white that have yellow within them.

For brown and grey/tone walls, select whites that graduate from brown tones.

Oil base paints naturally yellow. This is more noticeable in areas that do not get any daylight
Select whites with brown or red within them to tone down the yellow over time.

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