Do you have the answers to key questions for a kitchen remodel?

There are so many mistakes that can be avoided when remodeling your kitchen. If you are planning to take on this task, then ask yourself some very important questions.

1. How open do you want your kitchen to look and feel and how open is open enough.

2. What views do you have within your main work areas? Are you facing an empty wall, or, as you cook or prepare meals are you enjoying the beauty of the outside? Even better, facing friends and family. Take this into consideration when placing your sink or cooktop.

3. How does your kitchen flow, where is the entrance, exit and moving throughout? Does it interfere with the flow?

4. If you elect to have a center island, does it make sense? Is it useful for your lifestyle? Do you need a baking center, a working center, or perhaps even a writing center within your center island? Have you thought about where you would like electrical power within your island?

5. Will you have a pantry? How large do you really need that pantry to be? Is it accommodating for your family?
Can you get by with a large pull out cabinet area to replace a walk in pantry?

6. What style are you after? Do you consider yourself transitional, contemporary, modern, shabby chic, country, traditional ….

7. What appliances do you need and want? Are there any new appliance options you would like to implement into your kitchen?

Additionally you need to keep in mind the following..

height of cabinet matters
seating within and adjacent to your kitchen
lighting fixtures
landing areas for produce fresh from the market
adequate storage designed for your needs
proper venting within the room and closely configured rooms

Remodeling is an opportunity to improve your lifestyle. Be mindful of your decisions.
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