Bathroom / Bedroom / Closet Remodel

Functional rebirth for a dated bathroom

A mid-century home was stuck with a dated bathroom and small walk-in closet. The tiny shower was nearly unusable. Rather than an enjoyable place for the client couple to get ready in the morning, the space felt cluttered and confused, lacking a sense of harmony and style.

Karen’s Solution:
To create a more useful space, Karen oversaw transforming the small bathroom, small bedroom and two closets into an expanded en suite. A new, spacious shower (complete with seating to make it easier to wash the family dog) is a highlight. A newly-designed vanity accommodates husband and wife’s individual needs—a repurposed medicine cabinet became a jewelry cabinet for her, and he got the organizational tools he needed. A modernized color palette tied together tile, furniture, textiles and accents. Finally, Karen provided a comprehensive consultation on type and placement of lighting, wall hooks, fixtures, artwork and photos. The finished space feels like an oasis that accurately reflects the needs and style of Karen’s client.

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