Design Consultation / New Home Remodel

Downsizing from 5200 to 3100 sq. ft.

When a client purchased a much smaller home, they quickly realized they needed plenty of help deciding what should go and what should stay, all while maintaining a sense of curiosity and nostalgia in the new home. In short, they needed everything from furnishing ideas to updating and interior decorating, all done while they resided in a separate abode several months out of each year.

Karen’s Solution:
Through multiple phases of work, Karen has systematically remodeled every room in the house, while accommodating the clients’ seasonal habitation. Not only did she provide lengthy consultation on what to keep, what to sell and what to donate, she helped this client display their kept items in a way that honored their lifelong experiences and travels. Karen also repurposed key items, such as a sharkskin room divider (very unique) that she turned into a modern-looking headboard. All in all, this was a comprehensive interior remodel—including bathrooms, dining room, family room and kitchen. In addition, Karen oversaw painting, window treatment creation, furniture selection, cabinetry modifications, door and cabinet hardware selection and lighting; she even coordinated the move from one house to another. The client trusted her to carry out this elaborate, multi-faceted project, in their absence.


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