How May We Serve Your Home?

From bright design ideas to custom textiles and complete contracting services, Wright Interiors makes remodeling easy.

Kitchen, Bathroom,
& Bedroom Remodeling

Kitchens with exquisite function, form and flow. Bathrooms that become personal oases. Bedrooms replete with handmade window coverings and bedding. Whatever your remodeling need, it will be customized to your taste.

Consultation —
Interiors Spoken Here

Whether it’s for complex tasks like redoing an entire kitchen, or simple ones like arranging furniture and art, Karen Wright’s advice is highly valued. Her clients like how she pulls together elements and respects lifestyle needs.

Handcrafted Custom Textiles

When off-the shelf solutions just don’t work, Karen Wright takes matters into her own hands. Literally. Karen’s custom-crafted window coverings, bedding and pillows have earned an ongoing stream of client compliments.

— Remodeling Done the Wright Way —

One-on-one Design Consulting

Does your space need a fresh outlook? Karen Wright’s interior design consultations are a smart way to re-energize a room by using textiles, colors, lighting, or perhaps art and furniture arrangement. It’s your space. Karen can make it a better reflection of you.

General Contracting, Creative Design

As she strives to create custom home interiors, Karen Wright wears two hats equally well. Her creative side designs and reimagines your space to be both functional and beautiful. And as a general contractor, she pays attention to every detail, from material selection to carpentry craftsmanship. Karen oversees the entire process while working toward a cost-effective outcome: a space you will love.

Recreating by Reusing Materials

Reuse and recreate—those words come alive in Karen Wright’s skillful hands. For example, she may take an old room divider and repurpose it as a headboard. Or modify and beautify your kitchen cabinets in place, instead of tearing them out. Such sustainable design ideas bring beauty and functionality together in an endless variety of ways.

— A Proven Process, Remodeling with Karen Wright —

  • Get together and talk about taste, lifestyle, and your vision

  • Sign a contract, establish a timeline and scope of work

  • Review design options, agree on an approach

  • Schedule a team of subcontractors and craftspeople

  • Let Karen micromanage the entire process (she’s really good at it)

  • Rely on Karen as your single point of contact throughout the remodel--email or call her anytime during the project.

  • Site inspection and final tweaks

  • Finish work and clean up—every last detail is completed