“Karen is high energy, conscientious, and a great communicator. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and highly recommend her to others!”
“One of the things I most appreciated was that Karen didn’t require me to spend money on new items, but had me pull things out of the cupboards and attic that had been stowed away for years! The things I thought were useless were given places of prominence in my home, and were arranged in such a way that I have received countless comments on them over the years!”
“In our extensive home remodel (master bedroom, two bathrooms, interior painting and carpeting), Karen Wright was exceptional in her ability to organize and facilitate working with all involved. This was an extensive job assignment, and she did it with extreme skill and an amazing sense of organization. She was able to relate to, and interact with, a variety of contractors, professionals, skilled laborers, and product vendors, with respect and clarity. She kept everyone on task, organizing and adapting timelines with ease and professional assertiveness. She definitely had the respect of all those involved.”
“Karen has an amazing sense of organization. She can look at a space and know immediately how to best put that space to use.”
“I would definitely recommend Karen Wright’s arranging and organizational skills to anyone, regardless of their budget. She will make your home a thing of beauty!”
“I didn’t have much of a final vision for what the end product would end up looking like, but somehow Karen was able to extract exactly what I was looking for. She brought out my own style through our consultations and time together.”
“I found Karen to have an unsurpassed ability to arrange decor and other items in a beautiful way.”
“Karen had a wonderful ability to see and hear what we thought we wanted, and direct those ideas into practical, functional applications.”
“Everyone that visits our home can’t stop talking about how unique and gorgeous it looks!”
“I was especially impressed by her creativity and encouragement to reuse items and furnishings we already had and loved, rather than needing to buy everything new. It is a mindset that I continue to have fun with.”
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